Certificate of Deposit (CD's)

With a Security State Bank Certificate of Deposit, you get the safety of a FDIC-backed deposit product, as well as a solid rate of return.  CD’s are offered with various terms and interest rates in order to meet your individual investment needs.

  • Choose terms ranging from 15 days to 36 months
  • Interest is payable quarterly by compound check or deposit to checking or savings on 12 to 36 month maturities
  • Trade-A-Rate option available on 36 month CD with $5000 minimum
  • Insured by the FDIC

Trade-A-Rate is available on all 36 month Certificate of Deposits that have a minimum of $5000.  Customers using this product have the opportunity to boost their earnings by trading their existing rate for the current 36 month CD rate once within the CD term. CD maturity and all other terms remain the same.

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New Bank Website

Jan. 6, 2011

Welcome to the new Security State Bank website. Feel free to contact us by completing our secure online form or by calling or visiting one of our convenient branch locations.

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